Best Management Advice

Best Management Advice

Best Management Advice

Before diving into TCG’s best management advice, it is important to first understand the business:

General Contracting is a people business. We service the process of constructing something, by acting as the liaison for our clients, design consultants and trade partners. The same is true with our staff. A manager’s value is judged on how well you create, develop, and maintain highly productive and efficient teams.

Management is a service business, and to get the most of your staff you need to treat that staff carefully, respectfully and motivate them to truly believe they will be the future leaders of the firm. Once you master the art of getting the most out of your staff, this creates more time for innovation and business development, the much-needed pillars to maintain and expand the business. This results in promotion and income generation, not only for you, but also for the staff that put their faith in you.

With that said, my best management hacks and advice: 1) Always be grooming your replacement, and have your replacement always grooming their replacement. 2) When your staff needs you or needs advice, drop what you are doing and give them your full attention.

Allen Parets

Managing Partner & General Manager – TCG Florida

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