Construction Management

Construction Management

Tester Construction Group provides comprehensive General Contracting and Construction Management Services throughout the greater Philadelphia area. We thrive on creating unique solutions to the challenges which arise in all construction and development projects. We believe in properly estimating, scheduling, and planning the project on paper during preconstruction. These plans translate into an organized and clear vision for project goals to be executed by our operations team in the field. After breaking ground on the project, we focus on coordination with our subcontractors and vendors in order to create an organized project which flows between trades.

Construction Management Services

The safety of our staff and subcontractors is paramount to the way we manage our projects on a daily basis. At TCG, we believe in “open book” contracting with our Clients so they understand where and how they are spending their money. It is our job to provide our Clients with every possible advantage which often includes detailed descriptions of Cost Events and Budget Control Reporting. This type of reporting allows our clients to make the critical decisions on how and where they want to use their funds to create their vision.


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