Owner’s Representation

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Owner’s Representation

TCG is currently providing Owner’s Representation and Consulting services to some of the largest Developers in Philadelphia. We can provide valuable assistance in making sure the project is properly planned, estimated, scheduled, and contracted on your behalf.

Below is an outline of services
which we can offer to our clients:

Bidding / Estimating / Plan Review:


1. Drawings will be reviewed and a list of RFIs (request for information) and coordination issues will be generated. These RFIs will be sent to all applicable consultants (architect, structural engineer, and MEP engineer) and subcontractors. TCG will assist in reconciling these issues with the applicable parties.
2. Drawings will be sent out to bid to numerous subcontractors under an official TCG Invitation to Bid.
3. TCG will conduct detailed quantity take offs of building components including exterior wall materials and interior building programs.
4. A detailed trade summary and trade detail estimate will be completed by TCG with the subcontractor proposals received.
5. TCG will coordinate and descope subcontractors in all major trades to make sure the proper scope has been provided.
6. A master budget will be established which can be used by our Clients during their management of the project. This budget will be transferred into a Contract Status Report (Budget Report) used for purchasing subcontracted work by our Clients.

Value Engineering:


7. TCG will outline all potential value engineering options across all trades on the project.
8. This comprehensive value engineering list can be sent to all applicable consultants for coordination and discussion.
9. During the VE process, items are tracked as “pending”, “approved”, or “rejected” depending on the feedback we receive from our Clients.
10. The value engineering will often steer the design to provide every advantage possible and ensure that once subcontractor/vendor pricing is received it is aligned with our Client’s budget.

Purchasing / Subcontracts:


11. TCG will set up a specific Contract Status Report (CSR) which will be used to track all subcontracts issued and how they compare on a line item basis versus the budget.
12. We will establish a subcontract template for our Client to use with their subcontractors. This will include creating a new document list and safety plan.
13. We will help negotiate and “buy-out” the major trades for their subcontract execution. Major trades are defined as foundations, masonry, wood framing, structural steel, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical.


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