Michael Tester, founder of TCG, started in the construction industry as a construction cost estimator with two of the largest General Contractors in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City. There is nothing more powerful and valuable for our clients than being able to discuss the always evolving construction cost industry. We provide preconstruction estimating services for every client and project in which we are involved. Often, we are providing 3-4 iterations of estimates prior to breaking ground on a project.


These deliverables often include the following:


1. Order of Magnitude Estimate – We will provide an overall schedule of values estimate based on our historical database with information as limited to the building height, square footage, unit quantity, and description of the exterior facade.


2. Schematic Estimate – From the time of the first schematic plan, we will generate a 30-40 trade detailed estimate back up. We will also include a full summary of material allowances, qualifications, add alternates, and potential value engineering.


3. Design Development Estimate – During this phase of the estimate we are able to reduce the contingency included in the order of magnitude and schematic phases. We refine the schematic estimate with additional detail and value engineering to make sure the final version of the construction documents does not create any surprises for our clients.


4. GMP Estimate – This final version of the estimate is typically based off Permit Documents (around 75% CDs). If there are any holes or loose ends in the documents, we provide additional detail and allowances to prevent cost events in the field. The GMP Owner Agreement is based off this final schedule of values and estimate back up which we provide to all of our clients.


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