Safety Risks in Construction 2021

Safety Risks in Construction 2021

Safety Risks in Construction 2021

What are the top safety risks in construction of 2021?

Of course, there are always the big four that are the most common construction safety risks and violations;

  1. falls,
  2. being struck by an object,
  3. electrocutions, and
  4. being caught in-between equipment.


These four according to OSHA are the leading causes for construction site deaths and we must always be mindful of the most dangerous areas that we work in. But also, we must not allow ourselves to just ignore the smaller things such as proper hydration, over working ourselves, and not allowing proper break times. If you’re not happy in your job you can start to lose sight of what you are doing, such as take dangerous short cuts that can lead to an injury or even worse, an accidental death.

Safety is important in the construction field because there are hazards everywhere you look. From the stray rusty nail that has been left lying on the ground that could impale your foot and cause lock jaw, to the 24’ drop off a roof being constructed. Not only are the lives of the workers important, but the lives and safety of our neighbors and pedestrians are important as well. We try to mitigate the occurrence of any hazard that could arise. Through training and safety inspections and investigations, we try to ensure that no accidents occur. Everything we do that is safety related is a learning experience for all involved. I was told by a heavy equipment operator just the other day that, “There are no heroes in construction.”, pay attention to what you are doing and what everyone else is doing around you.

Josh Wilson, Director of Safety

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