TCG utilizes Microsoft Project and Primavera SureTrak Project Manager to create detailed Critical Path Method (CPM) for all our projects. These schedules are one of the main deliverables handed to our clients in the beginning of any project. They are used as a critical tool in managing the procurement of long-lead items and driving projects to key milestones. They are also used as a contracting tool and included as an exhibit within all of our subcontracts and Owner Agreements. Below is a snapshot of the level of detail to expect from a TCG CPM Schedule prior to us breaking ground on one of your projects:

TCG also utilizes short form “Look Ahead” schedules which are sent out to clients and subcontractors on a weekly basis. These schedules explain the day to day operations of all of our sites. It allows Owners to understand the current flow of work and what they can look forward to over the next few weeks. It also allows us to manage deadlines by clearly outlining when Subcontractors are expected to be on site for particular work activities. Click Here for an example of a “4-Week Look Ahead” that you can expect to receive on a weekly basis.


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