Senior Project Manager: Mike Tillou

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager: Mike Tillou

Mike Tillou is TCG’s employee spotlight the month of September 2021. As a Senior Project Manager, his job entails him to buyout, schedule, execute and closeout projects that he is assigned to. He is the primary point of contact for the client, subcontractors, the design team, and 3rd party inspectors involved on the projects. Mike makes sure that the subcontractors and suppliers are providing and installing the correct materials and equipment efficiently and safely. He also deals with changes and field conditions and manages the financials for the projects.

Mike starts his day off at the jobsites to make sure the proper subcontractors are on site performing work as planned. Therefore, he spends as much time on sites as needed to ensure that work is being performed safely and in accordance with the project documents. Somedays it is a smooth process, and other day he is dealing with nothing but problems which must be worked through.

Every day is different, every project is different. Mike enjoys the challenge of working through various issues on a project, and seeing the project take shape as work is completed.

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