Josh Wilson


Director of Safety

Josh joins TCG as the new Director of Safety. Prior to joining the company, Josh spent time in the United States Marine Corp, as a Deputy Sheriff in Bucks County, and as police officer with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and Springfield Township Police Department.

While in the United States Marine Corp, Josh was active duty infantry in senor surveillance and reconnaissance for the Security Forces. He has been stationed in Washington, Bahrain, and Camp Lejeune NC. He also conducted counter drug operations with the DEA in Bolivia and the US Border Patrol in Arizona. He is currently in the Marine Corp reserves as a criminal investigator in the Light Armored Reconnaissance Infantry.

In the new role of Director of Safety, Josh hopes to create an environment in which safety is regarded as something that cannot be overlooked, and be available to the staff for job sites questions. He also wants to create a culture around risk management, proper procedures, ensuring a safe work environment and hold those accountable for failure to follow rules and regulations. He is currently working on implementation of a standard safety checklist and protocols, a ready supply of safety equipment, and CPR/First Aid training and certifications for all TCG employees.

When Josh is not a TCG, you can find him skiing, cooking, and helping his wife try out (eat!) new recipes. His personal life also revolves around his kids' schedules.

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