Nina Furia

Nina – Business Manager – Headshot

Business Manager

Nina Furia came to TCG after almost a decade working at Vera Wang Group in NYC as Vera Wang’s right hand. She has always possessed interest in real estate and renovating, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about construction from the ground up.


Nina is currently TCG’s Business Manager and handles day to day operations, various business and office needs, insurances, and accounting. Her role was created to implement finance and operation processes to ensure TCG conducts business in the most efficient manner. She has also earned her PA Real Estate Sale License to have an inside understanding of real estate practices and moral codes.


Pride in her work has led to the success so far in her career, but her passion for being the best version of herself for her two daughters is what drives her. She loves being a part of the TCG Team and learning something new every single day!

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