Tester Construction Group Expands Staff


Tester Construction Group Expands Staff

Tester Construction Group is not only expanding with awarded projects, but with staff as well. New hires include Director of Marketing, Marketing Coordinator, Controller, Business Manager, and Safety Director, and several Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, and Superintendents.

“It is truly incredible to see our corporate growth since our inception in 2017. We went from 3 employees working in a 200 SF office, to having one of the top Construction Management teams in Philadelphia. I am truly proud of our staff and and their hard work which has elevated us to our size and scale. Having a Safety Director has been a goal for TCG since we opened our doors. Having the qualifications and leadership of Josh Wilson on our team, is a tremendous step for our company and commitment to our safety culture. Not only is he a military hero, but he is now a true leader within our organization.” – Michael Tester, President/Owner

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