Tester Construction Group Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer

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Tester Construction Group Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer

On Wednesday. February 24th, Michael Tester, president of Tester Construction Group, was quoted in an article in the Inquirer about the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on construction.

From the article:

There’s no end in sight to the “continued fallout” from the pandemic that builders face, said Michael Tester, founder and president of Tester Construction Group, which works mainly in multifamily and commercial construction. For example, gas, electric, and water providers also are slogging through service backlogs, which delay construction.

“We’ve just had a challenge in being able to bring those utility services online in order to close out buildings,” Tester said.

At a project on North Broad that is primarily off-campus housing for Temple University students, the delay last spring of the installation of the elevator meant the building couldn’t get a final certificate of occupancy. Tester Construction Group helped residents move in under a temporary permit that lasted until the elevator was installed a couple months later.

Pandemic safety protocols that limit the number of workers on construction sites at one time slows the work, especially for multifamily buildings.

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