Tester Construction Group Opens Office in Florida

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Tester Construction Group Opens Office in Florida

Tester Construction Group, a Construction Management and General Contracting firm, located in Philadelphia, is expanding its services and reach with a new office in southern Florida. The Florida office is centrally located in Coconut Creek, Florida, and will be run by Allen Parets, a construction executive with over seventeen years of experience in the industry.

Tester Construction Group Florida offers the same construction management services as the main Philadelphia office, including preconstruction planning, estimation and budgeting, and owner’s representation for commercial and residential projects. These services will be offered throughout the south Florida region including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties and many more.

Parets sees a huge opportunity in this market, especially with what Tester Construction Group has to offer. “Construction activity in Florida does not seem to slow down, and ironically, COVID only accelerated it.  There is a very real migration of people and companies into Florida; development and property transactions are driving an already flourishing construction market.  Established General Contractors are drowning with “too much work”, in turn diminishing the client experience and increasing the cost of construction.  Therein lies an opportunity for TCG Florida to step in, upgrade the client experience and offer a high level of service, a quality product, and a competitive price. Our belief in transparency and open, honest communication, with clients and trade partners, will set us apart.  We believe “the experience” we create will position us to grow with the South Florida market”, says Parets.

Michael Tester, founder and president of Tester Construction Group, believes this is a perfect time to expand the company to Florida. “TCG Florida was founded on the same principles and business goals as our Northeast office, but in a unique way to the South Florida market.  Our mission is to provide “open book” contracting and CM services to our clients, maintain tight business relationships with local subcontractors/vendors, and build our TCG team with a culture of responsibility and creativity.  TCG Florida has the wherewithal and experience to handle projects of any shape and size: from interior fit outs to large, complex new construction projects.  Our Florida office is also supplemented by our systems and 40 person staff of the Philadelphia office.  We have created a great synergy between the two business units that we can improve both entities through their collaboration.  At TCG Florida, we have taken the operational mindset of a large construction management firm from the Northeast, but to drive projects to success that is unique to the Southeast. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments thus far led by our President, Allen Parets, and we are only scratching the surface of the great projects and partnerships that are upcoming for TCG Florida.”

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