Tester Construction Group Profiled in Safety Case Study


Tester Construction Group Profiled in Safety Case Study

Safety on the job site is paramount here at Tester Construction Group and so is working with the right partner to make sure our sites comply with safety rules and regulations

Compliance Consultants Inc. is a woman-owner and family operated safety consultation company located in the Greater Philadelphia region and has been a partner of Tester Construction Group since our inception in 2018.

In late 2020, CCI approached TCG to be a part of a case study, detailing our relationship and the services that CCI provides. While inspecting two of our work sites, the team at CCI interviewed our president, Michael Tester, and one of our project managers, Joe Emory.

Joe was quoted in the piece:

“Compliance Consultants, Inc. also provided several communication methods for keeping employees informed. The Summit House project was one of the largest undertakings for TCG. We knew that we would have a growing number of subcontractors to manage on a daily basis, and that we would need to double our efforts to mitigate risk and conduct the project properly from start to finish. It was a relief to have CCI in our corner to help organize our site-specific safety measures and create a positive culture in the field. The regular inspections, pre-construction meetings, and trainings helped to make Summit one of the leading examples among TCG’s active projects.”

To read the full report, click here.

To learn more about Compliance Consultants Inc., visit https://ccicomply.net/.

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