Tester Construction Group takes part in Safety Stand-Down Day


Tester Construction Group takes part in Safety Stand-Down Day

Safety is one of the most crucial aspects of working on a job site. Without an emphasis on safety, dangerous things can occur, and work on the job site can come to a halt. This is why we at Tester Construction Group take such pride in our focus and attention to job site safety. We recognize the importance of demonstrating a top-level commitment to promoting a positive safety culture. It is also why we work hand and hand on safety with our great partners, Compliance Consultants, Inc (CCI).

CCI is a small, woman-owned, and family-operated safety consulting business located in the Philadelphia region. We have been working with CCI since our inception in 2018. Most recently, we participated in a safety study with them that you can read here. One of our other great initiatives we do every year with CCI is the Safety Stand-Down.

Spearheaded by OSHA, the Safety Stand-Down is hosted at thousands of job sites all over the country, including one of our active job sites, with a particular emphasis on preventing falls on the job site. The Stand-Down is a short meeting put on by OSHA and CCI with all participating subcontractors, their workers, and the staff at TCG. All work is stopped, and the OSHA team speaks to everyone about fall prevention and worksite safety.

As previously mentioned, TCG has participated in the Safety Stand-Down every year, including at our Kensington Courts job site last year. This year we will be hosting the program at our North Central Homes, located at 1928 N. 8th Street in Philadelphia.

Thank you to OSHA and CCI for always including TCG in this important and life-saving program. We look forward to participating next year and for years to come.

To learn more about Compliance Consultants Inc., visit their website.

To learn more about OSHA and the Safety Stand-Down, click here.

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